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The rich and unique animal and plant life in the Sinharaja Rainforest National Park is the reason why it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Despite its enormous variety of flora and fauna, the Sinharaja Rainforest – compared to other national parks in Sri Lanka – is visited by relatively few tourists. The reserve currently covers an area of 8,864 hectares. The hilly and unspoiled rainforest is a real treasure trove of endemic species, including mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and of course an abundance of trees, plants and insects.
20 of the 26 endemic bird species in Sri Lanka can be seen in the Sinharaja Rainforest. In addition, more than 60% of the plants are endemic, many of which are very rare. The reserve is also home to more than 50% of the country’s endemic species of mammals, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and insects.
On your day tour through the Sinharaja Rainforest, you will quickly realize how much life is in this forest. Here you will find lush green vegetation – from small, carnivorous plants to giant trees over 50m high. Your experienced guide will not only point out the many animals that untrained eyes often overlook, but also tell you something interesting about the rainforest and life here.

At a Glance

Is this day tour for me?

This day trip is a dream for all nature lovers. Anyone with an interest in exploring flora, fauna, bird species and wildlife will be thrilled by this day tour and can rest assured that it will be an exciting and unforgettable day!
Is this day tour for me

Can it be tailor made?

Yes, this Sinharaja day tour itinerary can be customized according to your requirements.
Can it be tailor made

When to go?

It rains frequently in the heart of the island and around the Sinharaja rainforest. The months from December to April are ideal for a visit. From May to October there can be short and intense rain showers, but a visit is also definitely recommended in this period!


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Things you will do

sinharaja trekking icon
Guided trekking with a national park guide through the Sinharaja rainforest
Bird watching
Discover rare species of birds, reptiles, butterflies and other wild animals
Reach the Sinhagala Rock and enjoy a 360 degree view of the rainforest and bathe in a natural pool under a waterfall in the jungle
Sri Lankan Rice & Curry
Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan Rice & Curry lunch with a local family

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