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Nuwara Eliya, also known as Sri Lanka’s “Little England”, is the country’s highest city. At an altitude of approx. 2000 m above sea level, the city offers an abundance of lush tea plantations and breathtaking landscapes. Its fertility is typical of the region, where fruits and vegetables grow that are otherwise only found in temperate latitudes. Its nickname comes from the many English-style bungalows and buildings that still exist from the 19th century and are well preserved. During the colonial period, it was a popular mountain resort and has retained its popularity as a holiday destination to this day.
Nuwara Eliya is a good place for anyone looking for a cool change from the tropical beaches. The climate is fresh, cool and airy all year round. In addition, the city offers numerous activities for tourists such as visiting a tea plantation, guided tour of a tea factory, trekking, golf, horse riding and exploring the beautiful waterfalls. A day tour to “Little England” offers you the opportunity to experience a variety of these activities and to enjoy the beauty of the highlands.

At a Glance

Is this day tour for me?

If you are a fan of the natural and pristine beauty of the highlands, you will love this day trip. All photographers in particular have a lot to take home when they visit this city and region.
Is this day tour for me

Can it be tailor made?

Yes, we can customize the day trip for you. If you would like to drive to a location that is not on the route, just let us know in advance and we will make arrangements for you.
Can it be tailor made

When to go?

Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka is easy to travel in every season. This tour usually starts around 6:00 p.m. from Galle. Since the journey is relatively long, it is best to start before sunrise.


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Things you will do

cup of tea
Learn all about making tea on a guided tour of a tea factory and then enjoy a cup of the world-famous Ceylon Assam
Capture the beauty of Little England and the highlands on your camera
Ravana falls icon
Marvel at the impressive Ramboda waterfalls
Hindu Temple
Visit the colorful Seetha Amman Temple and be blessed if you wish
Visit a Tea Factory and Tea Plantation

Visit a Tea Factory and Tea Plantation

Sri Lanka is known for its magnificent and large tea plantations, on which one of the best teas is grown, picked and processed into different flavors. You have the unique opportunity to visit one of the tea factories where you can learn and participate in the plucking and manufacturing process.
Ramboda Falls

Ramboda Waterfalls

This beautiful piece of nature is one of the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Almost every visitor will be amazed by this unique waterfall. The Ramboda waterfalls are indeed one of the island’s mystical places.
Gregory Lake

Gregory Lake

The Gregory Reservoir was built during the time of the British governor Sir William Gregory and is located in the heart of Nuwara Eliya. Gregory Lake invites all guests for a walk, a boat trip, or just to relax on the shore with a pleasant cool breeze.
Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Originally intended as a test site for the Hakgala Botanical Garden and officially named to commemorate Queen Victoria’s diamond anniversary, today it is perfect for a cool and quiet stroll through the greenery of Nuwara Eliya.
Old Post Office

Old Post Office

It is one of the most famous buildings in Sri Lanka and is located in the center of Nuwara Eliya. It is known as one of the oldest post offices in Sri Lanka. The two-story red Tudor-style building layer was one of the main reasons why it is unique in its own way.
Seetha Amman Hindu Temple

Seetha Amman Hindu Temple

A colorful Hindu temple, named after Lord Rama’s wife, was built exactly where Legend Ramayana believed Seetha had been captured by the demon king Ravana. The temple administrators believe that this is not a myth and that Sita’s detention is a historical fact here.

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