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Sri Lanka travel after Corona

When will trips to Sri Lanka be possible again?


It is currently not possible to travel to Sri Lanka. Current information on the Corona situation in Sri Lanka as well as the currently valid entry requirements can be found on our Corona information page.

When will trips to Sri Lanka be possible again?

Unfortunately, there is currently no specific date for the airport to open to tourism. The chairman of the tourism authority in Sri Lanka has on September 17th. Confirmed in a video interview that the repatriation of stranded Sri Lankans abroad must first be largely completed and that the PCR testing capacities in Sri Lanka must be expanded before Sri Lanka opens its borders to tourism again. The recent outbreak of Covid19 in many countries is also causing the government to keep the borders closed for the time being. The top priority is to protect the local population from Corona.

Future regulations for traveling in Sri Lanka

The visa for Sri Lanka must in future – as in the past – be applied for on the website of the Sri Lankan immigration authorities ( Please note that the application form has not yet been reactivated. So you cannot currently apply for a visa for the time after that. As soon as it is possible to apply for a visa again, we will inform you here.
For the period after the opening of the border, the Sri Lankan tourism organization has issued a 79-page document with entry and travel regulations ( In the following, we give you an overview of the currently planned regulations.
The visa fees will again be USD 35 per person in the future. After entering Sri Lanka, the visa is valid for 30 days, an extension is possible.
In order to receive the visa you need the following proof:
  • Confirmation that you have taken out travel health insurance
  • Ticket for the return flight
  • Itinerary (or the booking confirmation from your travel agent)
  • Booking confirmation from certified hotels (or the booking confirmation from your travel agency) *
  • To obtain the visa you need the following proof:
* The booking confirmations must comply with the currently valid travel regulations for Sri Lanka.
A minimum stay of 5 nights in Sri Lanka is required in order to receive a visa. A Visa-on-arrival for Sri Lanka (Visa at the airport) will not be available for the time being.

Entry into Sri Lanka

In order to be allowed to enter Sri Lanka as a tourist, you need a negative PCR test. This test must not be older than 72 hours when boarding the aircraft.
Another PCR test must then be taken immediately after entry / immigration in Sri Lanka. Appropriate test centers will be set up at the airport for this purpose. The entry PCR test is free of charge.
If the entry PCR test is positive, you will be admitted to a quarantine hotel or hospital for 14 to 21 days. In this case, tourists will be charged a fee of 100 USD per day per person for the hotel / hospital.

Planned provisions for the stay in Sri Lanka

From August onwards, you can only travel in Sri Lanka using certified / registered travel agencies, certified / registered drivers / guides and registered accommodations with Safe & Secure certificate (with Passion-Tours all of this is of course for You ensured). In this context, travel agencies and hotels will in future be obliged to transmit the exact travel dates of their guests to the Sri Lanka Tourism Board via web application. For the time being, tourists are no longer allowed to use public transport.
The first night after arrival, tourists will have to stay in a hotel in the Colombo-Negombo area. You are only allowed to travel on after the result of the entry PCR test has been sent.
If you stay as a tourist in Sri Lanka for more than 5 nights, you have to take another (free) Corona PCR test (between days 5 and 7) do. For this purpose, our own mobile test centers are being set up throughout Sri Lanka.
If you stay in Sri Lanka for more than 10 nights as a tourist, you have to have another – third – (free) Corona-PCR test (between days 10 and 12) with you If respiratory problems occur at any time, regardless of the length of stay, one must immediately take a (further) free PCR test. If a test is positive, you will be accommodated and treated – depending on your symptoms – either in a quarantine hotel or in a hospital at a daily rate of 100 USD per person.
Apart from the provisions above, travel in Sri Lanka will then be without further restrictions (such as e.g. curfews). All sights and attractions will be open again.

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Please note: We are monitoring developments in Sri Lanka very closely and keep this page up to date to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, all information is without guarantee.
Status: December 2020